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Garden and Forests

Forests and parks
it @includes the following units:
• The Forest unit.
• The nurseries unit.
• parks and medians unit.
• parks unit.
The activities of the Division of Forests and Parks
conduct inspecting tours of all units to see the progress of work and follow-up employees work:
• Through the principle of cooperation machinary between the Directorate and the University of Mosul; Meetings are held in the unity of forests in the presence of professors from the University of Mosul, to study the development of the forest area and projects to be implemented in the region of forests and entrances to the city.
• continue planting seedlings of various forest trees in the empty lands and continue agricultural works in most parts of the forest such as tillage and weeding and pruning to open canals and old trees
• work in the many gardens were many trees of various kinds are planted as well as paves the gardens walkways with paving stone
• Creating some of the gardens on both sides (left and right) and medians for planting various seedlings